by Crisco Dreams

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Sam “Banger” Tocci – Drums
Charlie “Twanger” Perry – Guitar and vocals
Nicky “Sanger” M-B – Piano, guitar, bass and vocals

Featured on the album
Isaac “The Boogie” Chabon – Bass
Hannah “Lee Oskar” Thompson – Banjo, Harmonica and backing vocals
Joe “Fixin” Hixon – Guitar

Album art by Skylar Gibbons-Reich and Nicky M-B

Recorded on a Tascam 424 and 488 cassette 4-track and 8-track.


released May 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Crisco Dreams Baltimore, Maryland

Arcana-Urbana-Americana from the heart of the city

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Track Name: It's All Here
I was looking somewhere else
I was looking all around
All I wanted was an answer
All I wanted was a sound
After everywhere I’ve been, after everything I’ve tried
I returned to my room and I broke down and cried
It’s all here
Track Name: Spinning Circles
Lying last night thinking at the edge of the earth
Records they were spinning
They were spinning in reverse

And I can’t tell what’s right from what is wrong
And I smile but I won’t be smiling long
And everything you said, it sure went to my head
And every single time I’ll let you down

Give it all away and the more I see the less I know
Days go so slow
In every single way I’ll fall apart
Something ‘bout the low down got me blue think of you
Spinning circles

Well I woke up this morning
And I could not find my head
I looked into the mirror and I realized I was dead
Track Name: I'll Let You Know Tomorrow
How long does a virus stay inside me
Maybe I don’t know the answer
Well thank you to the ones who love me
I know you’re scared and worried
Advising my sickness with ideas and a warning
Wondering if I’ll be feeling better in the morning
I’ll let you know tomorrow

How, when only the strong man is the one winning
Can the weak make it alone
Well thank you to the others around them
They’ve got an army of the peaceful and the skinny
And powers wonder, when facing the strongest
How do the humble people still live the longest
I’ll let you know tomorrow

How do you make up your mind when
Something we’re itching to do is conflicting
Crossing with a prior commitment
It might be wrong to turn and ditch it
Stressing and weighing the pros on the cons
Trying to figure out if you should stay or go along
Just let me know tomorrow
I’ll let you know tomorrow
Track Name: I'm So Cold
Look into my eyes and all you’ll see is black
Today I’m leaving and I won’t be coming back
Down by the station
Don’t know what in the world to say
I am a stone by the sea
And I’m washing myself away
I’m so cold…

Look into my head and all you’ll see is gray
There ain’t no reason but it’s like that everyday
There’s nothing on the ceiling
And there’s nothing on the floor
I am a wall
And I do not have a door
I’m so cold… And it’s freezing your heart

And I will walk in circles
Dancing alone to a broken radio
Well I’ll try my best to smile and I’ll try my best to lie
And I’m fine

Look into my eyes
And all you’ll see is black
Track Name: Make Some Room
Make some room for my things
I’m not going anywhere yet but I’m packing anyway
Make some room for my things
I’ll put them all in boxes, bring them over on Saturday
Just a piece of my collection
You can use them all you like

I don’t want to get anxious
We’ll just do it a few things at a time
Slow and steady wins the races
So I’ll hand it over carefully to lightly fade the line
I’ll grab the speakers, you take the receiver (moving in)
We’ll get the CDs another time (moving on)
I won’t bring too much
Just the essentials, and three guitars

I don’t need too much space myself
Just a drawer of the dresser and the two bottom shelves
Make some room for my things
I’ll get the bulk of it, I just need a little help
I want to stay around, sit here and lay around
But now I’ve got to go home
I’ll unpack it all in a week or two
Be back in the fall to live here with you
To live here with you
Track Name: Arson
Well I burned down a house last night
And I lit it with a birthday candle
I did not have a match so I lit
The candle with the kitchen stove
The walls went up in flames
The floor was soaked in gasoline
Don’t know what happened in my life
That made me turn out so mean
Oh mama
I could have been someone
Don’t know what I did
Don’t know what I would have done
I’m sorry
Won’t you please apologize to everyone

I’m going to New Jersey
Where the folks don’t know my name
Going to the pen
Gonna wear that ball and chain
Arson is a crime
And I will do my time
Every day’s the same day
Every day is fine

Staring out the window
Wondering what I’ve learned
All that I can feel
Is the desire to burn
Burn down this prison
Burn down my childhood home
Burn down the schools that taught me to
Feel so alone
Track Name: Television
I turned the TV on
But there was nothing on
I turned the TV off
There was still nothing
Track Name: Emma For Now
Far away on a prior day
To you, I was the best
Though I thought we were on the right track
You followed the left
Well I’ve tried to work it
But you keep your nose in a book
When I ask if you want to talk about it
You just give me a look
And you only say maybe
I want to call you my baby
But it’s Emma for now

Her sword against my pocket knife
Was no match for the latter
Wasting away with no plausible
Way of things getting better
And I tried to call you my lady
But it’s Emma for now

Casting a dream out of solid gold
Maybe I was mistaken
Only a dream can take me down
The path that I’m not taking
And I’d love to call you Emmy-baby
But it’s Emma for now
Track Name: Days Roll By
Days roll by
Searching for a neon sign
Sit around
And wait all day
I don’t know why

There’s always sirens signing
On far off avenues
One million cellphones ringing
Ringing all for you

In the dust
Underground and out of touch
Lost at sea
Is how it feels
It’s meant to be

I don’t mind
If you go your way
And I go mine
That’s all right
That’s okay
Pay no mind
Track Name: Lay My Head Down
If we only had the time to speak It out alone
I wish you’d told me your secrets, but earlier on
Now it’s too late to worry, though you can try
Now the day is over and you say it’s alright
I’m gonna lay my head down, wake up and cry

It’s hard to know what you’re hiding with your great disguise
Avoiding truth is easy with your friends by your sides
I thought the grounds were honest but you sat on a lie
And played it off so kindly, though I don’t know why
I’m gonna lay my head down, wake up and cry

Would it help you to move from here to west Northville
Wyotahoma, Nevadonakota
Colorozonahoma, well far from here
So long as it’s a ways away from here
I’m gonna lay my head down, wake up in tears

I tried to get it but I don’t have the mind
You wouldn’t understand that you’re one of a kind
And with a dead end situation you wanted to die
I don’t believe what you told me when you said
You were fine
I’m gonna lay my head down
Track Name: Moan To
I’d love someone to moan to
Someone I could come home to
I’d like someone just to talk to
A destination I could easily walk to
And you could moan
To me

I don’t want you to forgive
And I don’t mind if you forget me
The sun is going down
Everybody’s tired in this town
And you could moan
To me
Track Name: Times They're Hard
I am waiting for the time
When I’m walking the easy line
And the wind blows from behind
To be in a mellow mind
I’ll leave these days behind
It’ll be easy and all
But times they’re hard right now
Times they’re hard right now

If the leaves all seem to die
And the feeling makes you cry
And you can’t help but wonder why
Let it pass you by
Wait for the mellow time
Just beyond the wall
It’ll be easy and all
But times they’re hard right now
Times they’re hard right now

If you cannot see the bar
Raising higher than it’s been so far
There’s always a future day
Where the feeling goes away
It gets better, they say

Just beyond the wall
It’ll be easy and all
But times they’re hard right now
Times they’re hard right now