We Love You: A Crisco Dreams Christmas

by Crisco Dreams

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Nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon: these are some of the flavors we used to make this album. Other ingredients included powdered sugar, laughter, Nutella, melancholy, and chicken. Every ingredient was important, but one ingredient was of most importance: Love. After baking this album on HIGH for 40 minutes and letting it cool for at least an hour, we present to you, our Christmas Album. This album is dedicated to our dear friends and family ~ We Love You.


released December 11, 2016

Nicky "Sanger" MB - Caroling, Keys, Guitars, Tinkering
Charlie "Twanger" Perry - Caroling, Guitars, Mischief
Miki "Clanger" Flores-Amper - Drums on Tracks 1 and 2
Dean "Cliffhanger" Freeman - Bass on Tracks 1 and 2
Sam "Banger" Tocci - Washboard on Track 6, Sledding

All songs written by Crisco Dreams except for "Snow Falling," by Patrick Breton; "Blue Christmas Lights," by Buck Owens and Red Simpson; and "Linus and Lucy," by Vince Guaraldi.

Tracks 1-5 recorded in 2016, track 6 recorded in 2010, and tracks 7-8 recorded in 2015 ~ oh how time flies ~



all rights reserved


Crisco Dreams Baltimore, Maryland

Arcana-Urbana-Americana from the heart of the city

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Track Name: Solstice (We Love You)
All my family’s coming over
Step indoors and set the table
We’ll be serving up a big meal
Catch the sunset through the window

We’re inside, it’s cold out
We got warm drinks, warm hugs
Card games, desert logs
And the New Year

Kiss goodbye to all the old months
Kiss hello to all your grandmas
Soon we’ll all go watch the ball drop

Let’s go out and pick a big tree
And deck it with gold lights
We’ll be singing in a circle
Cut some holly from the backyard
A new seed, a new round
Quit your bickering mom and dad
We love you, we love you

Solstice, good friends
A past year, reflecting on the bad things
But don’t bring them into the New Year
Track Name: Merry Christmas And A Crying New Tear
This year might have been
The very worst
So we welcome
January 1st
But if you thought this was bad
You just wait til next year
Merry christmas and a crying new tear

We never thought
That it'd get as bad as this
Every tomorrow
Feels like the apocalypse
But if you think the going's getting tough
You just wait till next month
Merry christmas and a crying new tear

These days all just feel like a dream
Or a nightmare unfolding that we can't wake from
I don't know how we got here I just want to go back
I just want to go back to another year

Because now every morning
I'm awakening with fear
Merry christmas and a crying new tear
(waltz) Merry chirstmas and a crying new tear
Track Name: You're Gonna Have a Party
You're gonna have a party
Everyone's invited
Everyone that is, except for me
Well go on don't invite me
You do it just to spite me
Just know that you won't be invited when I have my party

I'll show up uninvited
In a big sombrero
And no one will ever see through my disguise
And I will drink your root beer
But I won't like what I see There
You're probably drinking Lime-A-Ritas™ with another guy

Well you can take your cake and shove it
I hope you choke on sprinkles
And no one at your party has any fun
Well I hope the pizza's tainted
I hope you get a stomach ache
And you might learn a lesson from what you done
Track Name: Everyone Is Eating
Everyone is eating
Pass the Christmas turkey please
Filling up their stomachs
Celebrating Christmas eve

Everyone is reading
Huddled by the fireside
Dressed up in their nightgowns
Celebrating yuletide

Everyone is sleeping
Cuddled in their cozy beds
Laying on their pillows
Resting all their sleepy heads

Santa Claus is coming
Flying o'er the maple twigs
Leave him milk and cookies
That is how he gets so big

Santa's getting closer
Flying 'neath the moonlight dim
Leave him beer and peanuts
There's one long night ahead of him

Santa's leaving presents
(See what they are)
Peek into the stockings
(Who are they for?)

Now it's Christmas morning
Children's faces oh so bright
Peeling open presents
Gleaming in the morning light

Opening the stockings
Feasting on a chocolate kiss
Thinking of next Christmas
Hoping it's as good as this
Track Name: Sold My Soul To Santa
Well I feel like I sold my soul to Santa
And I'm almost out of eggnog and of beer
Seasonal depression is upon us
Tis the season
Winter time is here

Days get shorter, darkness shall engulf us
And I shall shed a single frozen tear
My cold cold heart is only getting colder
Tis the season
Winter time is here

At the end of the month of december
I will end another wasted year
My only resolution is to eat more pizza!
Tis the season
Winter time is here

Tis the season
Winter time is here