The Alien Who Abducted My Heart (single)

by Crisco Dreams

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We're Crisco Dreams and this is our story. We go on lots of adventures. Like this one time, Charlie totally had a crush on this Extraterrestrial Biological Entity and then this other time Nicky went to the carnival and got sad. It was so fun. We can't wait for the next time we go on an adventure!


released February 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Crisco Dreams Baltimore, Maryland

Arcana-Urbana-Americana from the heart of the city

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Track Name: The Alien Who Abducted My Heart
Well she crashed into my backyard
In a saucer from outer space
And when she took off her space helmet
She had the most beautiful face
She said "Take me to your leader"
I said "Why don't you come inside?"
When she said she came in peace
I knew I wanted her to be mine

Well she said she'd been to earth before
But the government covered it up
And her ancestors built Stonehenge
And the Pyramids and other stuff
She was on her way to Venus
But her spaceship it broke down
And I'm so glad she landed
Right here in my town

Well she fixed up her spacecraft
And it was time for her to move on
I told her I would miss her
A whole lot when she's gone
She said "Baby, when you think of me,
Just look into the stars
And I'll be back to visit you
On my way back from Mars"
Track Name: Mopey You
Daisies were at your door
I left them there the week before
You didn't respond to my letter
Whatever you have, it's not getting better

Mopey you, mopey you

Why are you so down and out?
What are you so sad about?

I saw you walking by my home
A place I thought you'd never go
The date we had was awfully fine
And I know I'm first in your line

But mopey you, mopey you

How do I keep you on your rails
It's like playing heads or tails
I get cranky seeing you
And now I'm mopey too

Mopey me, mopey you